About Us


Belle & Mr. Tom Pet Odor Eliminator Candle is a mother & son owned company located in Athens, GA.  The son, Travis Ebbert, first learned of the candle trade in 2012 from his aunt and uncle, who had a small candle business at the time. Intrigued by the process of taking raw materials and turning them into finished products, Travis began making candles as a hobby. As someone who had always had a heart for entrepreneurship, what started as a hobby for Travis, quickly morphed into a business. He began selling candles to local stores in Athens, GA, and surrounding areas. Before he knew it, Travis had more wholesale accounts than one man could manage, and so he called his mother, Laura Ebbert, to the rescue.  

Laura, while working as the bookkeeper for a local Veterinary Clinic, believed the pet odor eliminator candles the clinic was offering could be improved upon. Intrigued by the challenge, Travis and Laura decided to create their own pet odor eliminator candle, a goal that proved more difficult than expected. After more than a year of R&D and speaking directly with one of the top enzyme specialists in the world, Travis and Laura unlocked the secret to creating the best pet odor eliminator candle on the market, and it wasn’t with enzymes. With the proprietary formula complete, the Belle & Mr. Tom Pet Odor Eliminator Candle was born.  

Since developing the Belle & Mr. Tom brand, the duo has turned most of their attention to the retail pet industry, with the Belle & Mr. Tom Pet Odor Eliminator Candle as their flagship product. Believe it or not, the mascots for Belle & Mr. Tom are actual family pets.  Belle is their full of personality French Bulldog who is alive and kicking today. Mr. Tom was a beautiful tuxedo cat that unfortunately passed away, but his memory will live on through the Belle & Mr. Tom brand.  



Our formula for eliminating bad odors is revolutionary, and unlike our competitors, we do not use enzymes. Instead, we use a far superior odor-counteractant, molecules! The most effective odor neutralizers in the marketplace today are molecules because they destroy the particles that cause vaporous malodors at their molecular level. 

Many odor neutralizers on the market contain water and perfumes and rely on enzymes to rid odors.  Enzymes are ineffective for residual or vaporous odors. Truly effective odor neutralizers create a chemical reaction, which merges with the unpleasant odor lingering in the air. Our candles are infused with specially formulated molecules that safely and effectively neutralize bad odors, leaving your home smelling clean and fresh!  

Our amazing odor neutralizer isn’t the only difference that separates us from the competition. The odor eliminator candles offered in most vet clinics use 100% paraffin wax, which causes the candle to produce excess soot and smoke. We use a proprietary combination of paraffin and soy waxes. The paraffin allows for a larger fragrance load while the soy helps the candle to burn cleaner and longer. We have found the combination of both waxes makes for a superior candle.  

Most of our candle fragrances are custom made, using only the highest quality ingredients that are specifically approved and compatible with candle use. Our fragrances are created by scientific methods, but they are derived from many aromatic natural ingredients such as essential oils. 

Our passion for candles, love for animals and appreciation for pet owners inspired us to create a product that combined amazing fragrances, furry mascots, and unmatched odor eliminating power. The success we experienced with the Belle & Mr. Tom Pet Odor Eliminator Candles gives us daily inspiration to continuously create unique, innovative, and fun products for pets and pet lovers. 

Sit back and enjoy the ride as Belle & Mr. Tom work hard to provide amazing products for pets and pet lovers alike!